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Techno Tactility

Weather Worn

Sixties Sartorial


Fall/Winter 2023/24

Crystal Fishnet Banding

Consciously creative

Riffing on reasons of individuality and a return to completely creative styling, flexible Crystal Fishnet Banding is set to play a large part in the future fashion landscape. Its versatility, extended color range and height- ened brilliance are perfect for contemporary silhouettes.

Unique Characteristics

  • The most brilliant and colorful crystal net in the market.
  • The product is lightweight, resistant and the thread and casing are made of 100% recycled materials according to GRS (Global Recycle Standard).
  • Perfect for fashion-forward apparel and accessories, with up to 30 color customization possibilities for the casing, thread, and crystal colors.
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Crystal Light Mesh Mini / Crystal Mesh Colorée Mini

Contemporary Cool

A variety of over-the-top esoteric looks with an edgy ‘90s aesthetic re-enters the fashion spectrum. Incredibly versatile, Crystal Light Mesh Mini and Crystal Mesh Colorée Mini expand the current market offering, creating flexible fashion with a strong individual aspect in a range of colorful hues and lighter-weight versions of much-loved mesh. The refined crystal sizes craft unique style statements in the one brilliant offering.

Unique Characteristics

  • Unique to the market; there are no similar mesh products using the smaller crystal size, PP14, in a light-weight mesh netting.
  • Easily adapted to various designs, offering a smoother feel with a more refined look in lighter-weights and extended color variations.
  • Expanding the design possibilities available for the luxury segment within the Mesh family, the new formats are particularly relevant for contemporary accessories designs.
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Crystal LacquerPRO

Ignite Effects

High-voltage hues

Dynamic color infiltrates design as technology edges into the everyday. The striking appeal of the new dynamic Crystal LacquerPRO Ignite Effects underscores our desire for invigorating, hyper-real colors that resonate with digital fashion aspects and a life lived in the Metaverse. Inciting feelings of optimism, injecting wonder and adding complexity, this trio combine to craft a new era of radiant color for psychedelic extroverts.

Unique Characteristics

  • Introducing optimum sparkle and saturation in outstanding quality, this brilliant new concept complements and extends our large assortment of distinctive, market-first lacquers.
  • The addition of these trend-driven lacquer colors maximizes the choice of vibrant, intense design possibilities.
  • The subtle effect and beautiful lacquered finish highlight the precision-cut and the multiple facets of the crystal itself.
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Olive Briolette Bead

Classical cool

With designers constantly unearthing new eras to emulate, the continuing homage to key piece culture tells a compelling story. The exquisite Olive Briolette Bead underpins this renewed focus on classic minimalism and reductive design, offering a discreet nod to fabulous ’40s fashion. Perfect for sophisticated jewelry designs and exquisite beaded embellishment.

Unique Characteristics

  • The Olive Briolette Bead’s refined shape is perfect for creating classic jewelry designs in a freshened-up format.
  • Possesses the advantage of creating lighter designs by reducing the number of beads needed for multi-stringed executions.
  • Extending the Briolette assortment by adding a unique and versatile shape with an increased number of facets and extensive combination possibilities.
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Cabochon Flat Back

Refined Shine

A focus on minimalism in design represents a new vision of luxury with the extended sizes of the Cabochon Flat Back range reiterating the need for elegant pared-back embellishment. Closing the gap in the existing Cabochon assortment, the size additions – particularly important for Crystal Transfer creations – add interest to era-emulating styles with a fabulous ‘40s feel. Paying homage to slow fashion, the discreet adornment offered by the extended assortment crafts a stunning new range of forever pieces.

Unique Characteristics

  • Ahead of the competition, offering superior Swarovski quality in the Cabochon Hotfix range.
  • Closing the gap in the assortment, the new sizes SS6 and SS20 are the most important for Flat Backs Hotfix and Transfers.
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Majestic Family

Brilliant Style

Emulating fine jewelry gems, the optimized brilliance of the Majestic Fancy Stone and Majestic Pendant, inspired by the mystery of the Florentine Diamond, impart their own sense of history and authenticity. As more mature fashion moments from the ’60s make their presence felt, these beautiful cuts craft a sense of enduring sophistication for silhouettes and jewelry styles steeped in popular culture.

Unique Charactaristics

  • A unique cut and elegant new shape in the Fancy Stone assortment inspired by the historic Florentine Diamond
  • Perfectly emulates fine jewelry looks.
  • Classic gemstone-inspired crystal with multiple facets in a brilliant, multi-layered format to add interest to any design.

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Crystal Iridescent

Rouge Pearl

Shimmering sophistication

The ’60s has once more come of age. The perfect companion to this tasteful nod to eras past, the passionate depth of the Crystal Iridescent Rouge Pearl conjures up feelings of tradition, refinement and style in the one shimmering form. Perfect for adding intrigue to ultra-chic accessories and well-tailored silhouettes.

Unique Charactaristics

  • An up-to-the-minute hue answering continuing customer demand to be at the forefront of fashion trends.
  • Perfectly completes the iridescent assortment of Swarovski’s existing Crystal Pearl range to facilitate exciting new color combinations.
  • A passionate, glamorous tone offering warmth and excitement, vitality and radiance to any design.
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